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A Look at What Asheville's Composers are Up To

Asheville Citizen-Times. Asheville NC. March 2008

ASHEVILLE — Asheville, a city known for its arts, has no shortage of songwriters. Many musicians say there are more really good musicians here than in many cities larger than Asheville.

Music Mixer

Silas Durocher’s latest classical composition, “In the Midst of a Beautiful Space,” written for flute, oboe and bassoon, was performed in Asheville Oct. 28. The 22-year-old lead guitar player in the Asheville-based band Laura Reed and Deep Pockets, Durocher got his degree in music composition from the New College in Sarasota, Fla. Some of the musicians who played the piece he wrote for his senior thesis will be in the studio with him in June to record his latest project, an as-yet untitled synthesis of pop and classical music.

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