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Thesis Statement CD Review

SWATTEAM. Online Reviews. July, 2009

thesis statement cdI listen to a lot of music and it's not too often I can be bothered to write a review but it was a no-brainer for this CD. Anyone that's on the prowl for new and interesting music that exhibits great song writing, superb musicianship, and excellent engineering will want to grab a copy of this CD. The music freely traverses a multitude of genres including jazz, funk, showtunes, pop, classical, and a few more, yet remains suprisingly accessible. One track evokes Paul Simon, the next Jason Mraz (on a very good day), another the Beatles, and yet it never sounds derivative or loses cohesiveness. This is the kind of CD you like on the first listen and you like it even more on the 100th listen. Those just don't come around very often. I sure hope Silas Durocher and Everybody knows can continue to "make that sound...it's profound".

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