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Music to make mama cry: Silas Durocher
and Lovestruck Suckers play Grey Eagle in Asheville

Citizen-Times. Asheville, NC. January 2012.

(January 11, 2012)

With a name like the Lovestruck Suckers, it is no surprise that the music from Silas Durocher’s new band has some heartache seeping out from between the notes. But those who enjoyed Durocher’s previous side work with Soulgrass Rebellion, Laura Reed and Deep Pocket and his own chamber rock ensemble, Silas Durocher and Everybody Knows, will also be treated to sonic riffs on love and happiness during Thursday’s show at The Grey Eagle.

“The music and lyrics for this group are much more personal than most of what I've written in the past, but Lovestruck Suckers is by no means stuck on one subject,” Durocher said in a recent interview about his new band and musical direction."

“I’m really tapping into my own emotions and experiences and coming to understand how universal they are; how they add so much depth to a person and make a person more able to relate to everyone else's experiences. In these songs I sing about love and lost love, but I also sing about beauty and pain in the world; about finding happiness, about friendship, about religion and spirituality, about the importance of human connection. And about making out in the Gulf of Mexico.”

In accord with the more serious direction, Thursday's performance will be a seated show

"I want Jan. 19 to really be an experience for the audience and the performers alike,” he said. “I’m not just thinking of this as putting on a concert, but as creating an evening. I'm coming out with no barriers and no filters, baring heart and soul hoping to take the audience with me. I want this to be an evening where the audience can be taken away by the music and moved by the lyrics.”

Matching the more intimate setting will be a more elegant sound from Durocher and friends.

“At their core, these are acoustic singer/songwriter type tunes that are enriched and embellished with the addition of violin, viola and cello,” he explained. “Bowed stringed instruments are so emotive, and I tried to compose all of their parts to really help express and support the lyrics and the spirit of the songs. Some of the music is soft and beautiful, some is more upbeat and fun, but it’s all very intimate and very honest. It made my mom cry.”

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