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Born in 1985 in Austin, Texas, Silas Durocher is a composer, guitarist, songwriter, and singer who “understands that there are many mansions in the house of music and naturally partakes of all of them.” Bridging many styles, Silas’ music often focuses on combining classical music with funk and rock n’ roll to create “music for the head, the heart, and the hips.” With this central idea, Silas’ music appears in many forms, including works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, rock bands, or even solo performances.

Silas’ main current projects are Lovestruck Suckers and The Get Right Band. With Silas on vocals and guitar supported by a soulful string trio of violin, viola, and cello, Lovestruck Suckers creates a unique and beautiful musical experience. The lyrics for this group explore themes such as heartbreak, love, and how to find beauty and motivation in a capricious world. These are raw, personal songs sung with passion and honesty and brought richly to life by the emotive strings.

The Get Right Band is a funk/rock/boogie trio known for their high energy live shows. They tour throughout the East Coast and the Caribbean, amassing crowds of dancing fans wherever they go. The Get Right Band released their debut album in Feburary, which can purchased at CD Baby.

In the fall of 2008, Silas Durocher and Everybody Knows, a chamber rock ensemble that synthesizes the accessibility of funk and rock n’ roll with the intellectual stimulation of classical music, released their debut album, Thesis Satement. Featuring an energetic mix of rock musicians and classical instrumentalists, the all-star group has been highly praised for it’s original and exciting live performances which draw large audiences of all ages and listening backgrounds. The compositions for this ensemble create a truly unique style that blends Silas’ many interests into a “distinctive musical voice.”

Leif Bjaland, artistic director and conductor of the Sarasota Orchestra, commissioned Silas to compose a new work to expand on the ideas presented by Everybody Knows, with a much larger ensemble. The composition received its world premiere in February, 2009 to an enthusiastic audience. After the success of this concert, Silas was commissioned to compose a piece for the Sarasota Orchestra to perform along with Silas Durocher and Everybody Knows. The composition received its premiere in February, 2011 to packed a house.

Silas has played with many bands over the years, most notably Soulgrass Rebellion (reggae-rock-boogie), David Earl and The Plowshares (gospel-rock), Laura Reed and Deep Pocket (soul-funk), and Stone Soup (folk-funk).

Enrolling at New College of Florida in 2003, Silas began studying theory and composition. In 2006, he composed two pieces for the Florida Wind Quintet, both of which were published and sold internationally (purchase at TrevCo Music). Silas’ Brass Quintet in Three Movements was performed in the spring of 2007 by the Florida Brass Quintet, and his composition Why Not? was performed by the Keowee Wind Trio later that year. In 2010, Musicians Out of the Box String Quartet commissioned Silas to compose a piece for string quartet and speaker based on three poems by e.e. cummings. The work, at Play, was recorded and released on their CD of music for children, Music Tales, Vol. 2.

Silas currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he is immersed in the exciting music scene, playing and recording with nationally and internationally touring artists, composing, and always plotting the next project!