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"Thesis Statement" Reviewed by RadioIndy

December 2008

“Thesis Statement” is the intelligent and intricate new release from Silas Durocher & Everybody Knows, a cutting-edge group of talented musical performers. Durocher is a gifted composer, in addition to an exceptional guitarist and vocalist. Durocher and his cast blend classical, pop, jazz, and rock to create a sound all their own. The material is varied in instrumentation as well as musical genre, making for a stimulating and interesting listening experience. The group’s talents in many styles are on full display, from the bouncy Dixieland jazz feel of “I Always Watch,” to the funky and soulful “Home,” and the more classical approach of “Casi Tango.” The arrangements are clever and intelligent, showcasing the extremely unique writing style of Durocher. The group interacts in a highly artistic way, bringing each composition to life with their superb performances. Fans of classical music with a contemporary spin will want to check “Thesis Statement” out.

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